Dealing With Winter Weather

10991229_1611431169070289_7515086469300119242_nWith over 6 inches of snow (not so bad) and temperatures below 0 with -20 windchill (Oh My God!) February is kicking our butt!!

In the fall, I had lovely visions of lazy, winter days with enough time to catch up10987579_1612244922322247_7830646290660889271_n on sleep, my reading list, and planning for spring.  I figured if it was too cold for outdoor work, I wouldn’t be so busy.  WRONG!

Since this is our first Virginia winter with animals, I had much to learn and do.  Most of our shelters are temporary, waiting for the move to our farm this summer.  When I say temporary, read: BREEZY!  Perfect for the summer, but not so great on really cold winter days.

10942495_10205867604270298_3491013538477818087_nNow our goat Rosie is the proud owner of a goat coat.  We have a rabbit maternity ward in the basement with kits expected any day.  We have heated water bottles and bowls and tons of extra hay for bedding.

Despite the cold, with the growing daylight hours, the Buckeye chickens are laying well (even if it is in the nest they made outside rather than in the nest box in the coop).  10959226_1605671072979632_4296935509528497640_nSlightly frozen eggs are even OK to eat that same day if not cracked.

So, we are wearing lots of layers and face masks and learning as we go.  When we build new animal shelters this summer we will have more knowledge to guide us.  Spring won’t be long now.