About Our Farm

Promoting Sustainable Farming, Conserving Heritage Breeds


Moon Shadow Farm VA is located in the Summerfield Community near Elk Creek, VA.
We purchased the land in 2006 and added to it with the purchase of adjacent acreage with a house in 2014.

The farm has a barn that we built from white pine cut and milled on site in 2008.  The land has a pastures, a creek, a south facing garden area, forested slopes, and a northeast facing cove with a spring.

Rick Taylor worked in the photofinishing and technology fields for 30 years.  He has always had a love of nature and connection to the earth.  He is a member of the Monacan Indian tribe in Amherst County VA.  He learned early in life where food comes from by spending summers on his uncle’s farm in Middlebrook, VA.  Rick has come full-circle in his life, back to his roots in the mountains.

Cynthia C. Taylor has experience in hotel/restaurant management, trail design and maintenance, stone masonry, environmental education, natural resource management, and a season working on an organic farm.  She has a passion for ecology and loves exploring nature and learning new things.  In 2013, Cynthia completed a Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton, and is excited to create an ecological design for the farm.

In 2008 Rick and Cynthia made a commitment to eating Local Food: shopping at the farmers market, growing veggies in the front yard, keeping chickens in the backyard, and preserving food for the winter.  These experiences fueled their desire to create a sustainable homestead.

In 2014 Moon Shadow Farm was born.