Welcome to Moon Shadow Farm VA!

Welcome to our new Farm Blog!

2014 has been a super busy year on the farm!!

  • We spent the winter renovating our house in Fries                 house reno2   977287_10201176265069750_1772792806_o
  • We picked up our Silver Fox rabbits in January


  • Early spring we laid out our garden at mom’s place in Spartagarden1  garden2
  • After talking about the need to clear the backyard of overgrown honeysuckle, multiflora rose and poison ivy, a goat shows up- Rosie!

rosie goat

    • Since you can’t have just 1 goat- we got Casper!casper
    • In May we bred our 2 Silver Fox does & in June- our first littersbunny nesting  bunny babies bunny baby  bunny!
    • In June we hosted our first farm tourfarm tour
    • In July we got our flock of Buckeye chickensbuckeye1 buckeye2 buckeyes3
    • August Harvest Time!


  • Finally!  After over a year waiting, in September we bought the 14 acres & house adjacent to our farm!10606333_1544850525728354_5384949558186263768_n 10603422_1544850559061684_8981500095637307750_n 1546201_1544850505728356_2232273518545008334_n
  • And just last weekend, We had a great time showing off our bunnies & chicks at Grayson LandCare’s  Save Green Exposmcomposite_low_res

Can’t wait to see what next year holds for Moon Shadow Farm VA!


5 Replies to “Welcome to Moon Shadow Farm VA!”

  1. Perty cool website for somebody who is off the grid. Love the farm name; when’s the open invite and open house for all your old pals in Georgia? We’ll come up in the winter when yall have cabin fever. And most importantly, are yall gonna start growin some wine ingredients or some beer ingredients? CT’s home grown/homemade sangria sounds like a great way to celebrate your success up there.

  2. Thanks for sending me the update. You guys have really done an incredible amount of work in the short time you have been in VA. I really am impressed. Would love to hear from you and find out what the long term plan is for the farm. Looks like you have a great start already.
    Warmest Regards,

  3. We are so very fortunate to have you living and sharing your knowledge in our community. We are looking forward to all that you teach us in 2015!!!

  4. Moon Shadow Farm is so impressive and reflects all the amazing hard work and planning you’ll have put into making it a reality. It’s wonderful! Love you both, miss you. So looking forward to continued news and new and exciting things happening at Moon Shadow Farm.

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